Wings Over America
(The Paul McCartney Archive Collection)
By Paul McCartney & Wings

Disc 1 - Remastered Album Part 1

Venus & Mars Horns by Tony Dorsey, Thaddeus Richard, Steve Howard & Howie Casey (on all tracks)
Rock Show  
Let Me Roll It  
Spirits Of Ancient Egypt Vocals with Denny Laine
Medicine Jar Vocals by Jimmy McCulloch
Maybe Iím Amazed  
Call Me Back Again  
Lady Madonna  
Long & Winding Road  
Live & Let Die  
Picassoís Last Words Vocals with Denny Laine
Richard Cory Vocals by Denny Laine
Iíve Just Seen A Face  

Side 2 - Remastered Album Part 2

You Gave Me The Answer  
Magneto & Titanium Man  
Go Now Vocals by Denny Laine
My Love  
Listen To What The Man Said  
Let ĎEm In  
Time To Hide Vocals by Denny Laine
Silly Love Songs  
Beware My Love  
Letting Go  
Band On The Run  
Hi Hi Hi  

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