The Sound Of Music - 50th Anniversary Edition
(Movie Soundtrack)

Prelude/The Sound Of Music Julie Andrews
Overture/Preludium/Dixit Dominus/Morning Hymn/Alleluia Nuns Chorus
Maria Nuns Chorus
I Have Confidence Julie Andrews
Sixteen Going On Seventeen Daniel Truhitte & Charmain Carr
My Favorite Things/Salzburg Montage Julie Andrews
Do-Re-Mi Julie Andrews & The Children
The Sound Of Music Bill Lee & The Children
The Lonely Goatherd Julie Andrews & The Children
Edelweiss Bill Lee & Charmain Carr
Grand Waltz Irwin Kostal
Laendler Irwin Kostal
So Long, Farewell The Children
Processional Waltz Irwin Kostal
Goodbye Maria/How Can Love Survive Waltz Nuns Chorus
Edelweiss Waltz Irwin Kostal
Entr'acte Irwin Kostal
Climb Ev'ry Mountain Margery McKay
My Favorite Things (reprise) Julie Andrews & The Children
Something Good Julie Andrews & Bill Lee
Processional/Maria (The Wedding) Nuns Chorus
Sixteen Going On Seventeen (reprise) Julie Andrews & Charmain Carr
Do-Re-Mi (reprise) Julie Andrews, Bill Lee & The Children
Edelweiss (reprise) Bill Lee, Julie Andrews & The Children
So Long, Farewell Bill Lee, Julie Andrews & The Children
Nuns & Nazis/Escape/Climb Ev'ry Mountain (reprise)/Finale Irwin Kostal
End Titles Irwin Kostal

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