Andromeda: Season 3

Disc 1

Episode 1: If The Wheel Is Fixed
Episode 2: Shards Of Rimini
Episode 3: Mad To Be Saved
Episode 4: Cui Bono

Disc 2

Episode 5: The Lone & Level Sands
Episode 6: Slipfighter The Dogs Of War
Episode 7: Leper's Kiss
Episode 8: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Disc 3

Episode 9: And Your Heart Will Fly Away
Episode 10: Unconquerable Man
Episode 11: Delenda Est
Episode 12: The Dark Backward

Disc 4

Episode 13: The Risk-All Point
Episode 14: The Right Horse
Episode 15: What Happens To A Rev Deferred
Episode 16: Point Of The Spear

Disc 5

Episode 17: Vault Of The Heavens
Episode 18: Deep Midnight's Voice
Episode 19: Illusion Of Majesty
Episode 20: Twiligh Of The Idols

Disc 6

Episode 21: Day Of Judgement, Day Of Wraith
Episode 22: Shadows Cast By A Final Salute

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