Andromeda: Season 4

Disc 1

Episode 1: Answers Given To Questions Never Asked
Episode 2: Pieces Of Eight
Episode 3: Waking The Tyrant's Device
Episode 4: Double Or Nothing

Disc 2

Episode 5: Harper/Delete
Episode 6: Soon The Nearing Vortex
Episode 7: The World Turns All Around Her
Episode 8: Conduit To Destiny

Disc 3

Episode 9: Machinery Of The Mind
Episode 10: Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter
Episode 11: The Torment, The Release
Episode 12: Spider's Stratagem

Disc 4

Episode 13: Warmth Of An Invisible Light
Episode 14: The Others
Episode 15: Fear Burns Down To Ashes
Episode 16: Lost In A Space That Isn't There

Disc 5

Episode 17: Abridging The Devil's Divide
Episode 18: Trusting The Gordian Maze
Episode 19: A Symmetry Of Imperfection
Episode 20: Time Out Of Mind

Disc 6

Episode 21: The Dissonant Interval Part 1
Episode 22: The Dissonant Interval Part 2

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