Prime Time Crime:
The Stephen J Cannell Collection

Disc 1

Missing Persons

Episode 1: Pilot (part 1)
Episode 2: Pilot (part 2)
Episode 3: Cabe...What Kind Of Name Is That
Episode 4: People Don't Walk To Cops, People Lie To Cops
Episode 5: I Can't Even Imagine
Episode 6: That's My Sister, Pal

Disc 2

Missing Persons

Episode 7: The Man's Emotional Termite
Episode 8: Some People's Priorities...
Episode 9: I'm Gonna Miss Him Too...
Episode 10: Sometimes You Can't Help Getting Involved...
Episode 11: Right Neighborhood...Wrong Door
Episode 12: How Hard Is It Just Too...

Disc 3

Missing Persons

Episode 13: If You Pick Your Own Parents...
Episode 14: I've Got A Siren!
Episode 15: My Beautiful Son Is Okay...
Episode 16: All They Had To Do Was Ask...
Episode 17: Tell Me You Didn't Do It...I'll Go To The Wall For You
Episode 18: What Do You Want...A Signed Confession?

Disc 4

Broken Badges

Episode 1: Pilot
Episode 2: Chucky
Episode 3: Westside Stories
Episode 4: Can I Get A Witness

Disc 5

Broken Badges

Episode 5: Meet Your Matchmaker
Episode 6: Strawberry
Episode 7: Argo The Venusian

Palace Guard

Episode 1: Pilot (part 1)
Episode 2: Pilot (part 2)

Disc 6

Palace Guard

Episode 3: The Three-Minute Egg
Episode 4: Simian Enchanted Evening
Episode 5: Eye Of Newt
Episode 6: House Arrest
Episode 7: The White Angel
Episode 8: Iced
Episode 9: Memories

Disc 7


Episode 1: White Bone Demon
Episode 2: Silent Stalker
Episode 3: Clean Slate
Episode 4: Daddy Dearest
Episode 5: And They Swam Right Over The Dam

Disc 8


Episode 6: And The Dead Shall Rise (part 1)
Episode 7: And The Dead Shall Rise (part 2)
Episode 8: Burn Out


Pilot (part 1)
Pilot (part 2)

Disc 9


Suffer The Children (part 1)
Suffer The Children (part 2)


Hot Pursuit (part 1)
Hot Pursuit (part 2)


The Gnome

Disc 10

Greatest American Hero

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Tenspeed & Brown Shoe

Savage Says: There's No Free Lunch

Silk Stalkings

To Serve & Protect

21 Jump Street

La Brizca


Father's Day

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