Ultraman: The Complete Series

Disc 1

Episode 1: Ultra Operation No. 1
Episode 2: Defeat The Invaders
Episode 3: Sally Forth, Science Patrol
Episode 4: 5 Seconds Before The Big Explosion
Episode 5: Treasure Of The Miloganda
Episode 6: The Coast Guard Command
Episode 7: The Blue Stone Of Baradhi
Episode 8: The Lawless Monster Zone
Episode 9: Operation: Lightning Speed
Episode 10: The Mysterious Dinosaur Base

Disc 2

Episode 11: The Ruffian From Outer Space
Episode 12: The Cries OF The Mummy
Episode 13: Oil S.O.S.
Episode 14: The Pearl Oyster Protection Directive
Episode 15: The Terrifying Cosmic Rays
Episode 16: The Science Patrol To Outer Space
Episode 17: Passport To Infinity
Episode 18: The Brother From Another Planet
Episode 19: The Demons Once More
Episode 20: Terror On Route 87
Episode 21: Break Through The Smoke!

Disc 3

Episode 22: The Underground Destruction Work
Episode 23: My Home Is Earth
Episode 24: The Undersea Science Base
Episode 25: Mystery Comet Tsuifon
Episode 26: Monster Majesty (part 1)
Episode 27: Monster Majesty (part 2)
Episode 28: Human Specimens 5 & 6
Episode 29: A Challenge To The Underground
Episode 30: The Snowy Mountain Of Illusions
Episode 31: Who Has Come?

Disc 4

Episode 32: The Endless Counterattack
Episode 33: The Forbidden Words
Episode 34: Gift From The Sky
Episode 35: The Monster Graveyard
Episode 36: Don't Shoot, Asashi
Episode 37: The Little Hero
Episode 38: The Spaceship Rescue Command
Episode 39: Farewell, Ultraman
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