Big Rig Special

Side 1

Six Days On The Road Dave Dudley
Truck Driving Cat With Nine Lives Jim Nesbitt
Big Wheels Sing For Me Johnny Dollar
A Tiger In My Tank Jim Nesbitt
I Sure Like Your Truck Jim Gately
In The Middle Charlie Wiggs

Side 2

Big Rig Rollin' Man Johnny Dollar
A Dedication To The ATA Johnny Exit
Truck Driver's Lament Johnny Dollar
I Ain't Never Been Passed Jim Nesbitt
No More Truck Stops Johnny Dollar

Side 3

Roll Truck Roll Red Simpson
Big Mack Red Simpson
My Baby's Waitin' Red Simpson
Runaway Truck Red Simpson
Happy Go Lucky Truck Driver Red Simpson

Side 4

Truck Drivin' Man Red Simpson
Nitro Express Red Simpson
Truck Daddy Red Simpson
Born To Be A Trucker Red Simpson

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