By Rick Cua

Side 1

Fly Me To Heaven with David Dix (of the Outlaws), Freddie Salem (of the Outlaws), Robbie Dupree & Marty McCall (of First Call)
Spirit with David Dix, Freddie Salem & Hughie Thomasson (of the Outlaws)
The Rock Was Rolled Away with David Dix & Freddie Salem
Eternity with Freddie Salem, Hughie Thomasson & Joe English (formerly with Paul McCartney & Wings)
Heaven Was Made For Everybody with Joe English

Side 2

You Can Still Rock 'N Roll with David Dix & Freddie Salem
Crossfire with David Dix & Freddie Salem
Just A Little Bit More with Joe English
I Wanna Be Like You with Freddie Salem & Joe English
Melt My Heart with David Dix & Robbie Dupree

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