Wings Over America
By Paul McCartney & Wings

(2 copies)

Side 1

Venus & Mars Horns by Tony Dorsey, Thaddeus Richard, Steve Howard & Howie Casey (on all tracks)
Rock Show  
Let Me Roll It  
Spirits Of Ancient Egypt Vocals with Denny Laine
Medicine Jar Vocals by Jimmy McCulloch

Side 2

Maybe Iím Amazed  
Call Me Back Again  
Lady Madonna  
Long & Winding Road  
Live & Let Die  

Side 3

Picassoís Last Words Vocals with Denny Laine
Richard Cory Vocals by Denny Laine
Iíve Just Seen A Face  

Side 4

You Gave Me The Answer  
Magneto & Titanium Man  
Go Now Vocals by Denny Laine
My Love  
Listen To What The Man Said  

Side 5

Let ĎEm In  
Time To Hide Vocals by Denny Laine
Silly Love Songs  
Beware My Love  

Side 6

Letting Go  
Band On The Run  
Hi Hi Hi  

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